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Contec has a complete line of contamination control products for any size cleanroom. From disinfecting biosafety cabinets to cleaning 12 foot ceilings, Contec has what you need!


Contec is a leading manufacturer of contamination control products for critical cleaning in life science cleanroom environments worldwide. Various industries across the globe use our laboratory cleaning supplies, including biotech, pharmaceutical, medical device, and other critical life science applications. Our extensive list of life science and pharmaceutical cleaning solutions for cleanrooms and critical environments includes: sterile and non-sterile alcohols and disinfectants, mopping systems and tools, knitted and nonwoven wipes, contamination control products, and swabs. Contec pioneered the use of presaturated wipes which are ideal for many cleaning and disinfecting tasks as they help ensure consistent processes, lower VOCs, and simplify validation.

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Innovative, Experienced, with Global Reach

With more than thirty years of experience behind us, we understand the unique cleaning requirements of these highly regulated markets. Our life science cleaning products are available across the world, and we invite you to work with our sales and R&D specialists to find the Contec life science cleaning products that best fit your needs. Continued innovation has led to the introduction of our low endotoxin product range, as well as a full range of disinfectants for cleanroom environments which includes a sterile sporicide and a low residue intermediate disinfectant.  We can provide the same products in all geographies, and our regional R&D centers allow us to develop products for specific applications in each region. Contact a Contec sales representative today to request samples, demonstrations, or training free-of-charge.

Life Science Industries We Serve

Contec Cleanroom excels in managing contamination with a focus on customized solutions. Our offerings include a selection of products and specialized knowledge designed to meet the specific needs of your facility. We support your compliance efforts by supplying items and insights that adhere to cGMP standards and sector-specific rules, including Annex 1. Choose Contec Cleanroom for an all-encompassing strategy to control microbes and particles, maintaining your facility's adherence to regulatory standards.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Contec provides products, resources, and training needed by pharmaceutical manufacturers.

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Biotechnology Manufacturing

Contec provides products, resources, and training needed by biotechnology manufacturers.

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Medical Device Manufacturing

Contec provides products, resources, and training needed by medical device manufacturers.

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Life Science and Pharmaceutical Cleaning Products

Critical cleaning and contamination control solutions.

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