Contec® Expands CyQuanol™ Disinfectant Line with Presaturated Wipes

When the control of microorganisms is critical, Contec’s customer-first approach and commitment to quality and innovation bring the most effective solutions to cleanrooms and controlled environments. Contec’s Cleanroom business is excited to announce the release of new PROSAT® wipes with CyQuanol! These EPA-registered, presaturated wipes deliver a controlled amount of disinfectant to surfaces to clean and disinfect.

PROSAT Wipes with CyQuanol offer facilities several big benefits:

Compliance: PROSAT Wipes with CyQuanol are EPA registered and effective against bacteria, viruses and fungi in one minute. Short contact times make compliance to disinfection protocols more manageable, as microbial kill claims can be achieved without reapplication. Using PROSAT Wipes with CyQuanol to apply disinfectant to surfaces can reduce the amount of residues left behind compared to traditional spray methods.

Consistency: Each wipe is presaturated with an even, consistent amount of disinfectant. Using presaturated wipes delivers a controlled amount of disinfectant to surfaces vs. traditional spray methods. They also increase repeatability and reproducibility of disinfection protocols to improve process consistency.

Convenience: PROSAT Wipes with CyQuanol are ready-to-use and packaged in a re-closable peel and reseal pouch for storage and easy transport. No preparation is required. Multiple outer bags allow for easier transfer disinfection when entering critical areas of the cleanroom.

PROSAT Wipes with CyQuanol are available in two different types of fabric - polynit heatseal, and meltblown polypropylene. The polynit heatseal wipes are made from 100% knitted polyester with laser-sealed edges, ensuring low levels of particles and fibers. The meltblown polypropylene fabric is exceptionally clean and free from additives. Both versions are available sterile.