Cleaning & Disinfection Solutions for the Medical Device Manufacturer

Contec Cleanroom has been providing contamination control solutions to medical device manufacturers for more than 35 years. Our experts know the importance of cleaning and disinfecting medical device facilities. We work side-by-side with customers to ensure proper products are being used and the appropriate cleaning procedures are being followed.


Contec Cleanroom helps medical device facilities stay compliant

Contec is a leading manufacturer of contamination control products for critical cleaning in life science cleanroom environments worldwide. Medical devices are made with a wide variety of materials ranging from metal to plastics. Our team of sales representatives and technical experts will work side by side with you to ensure the correct cleaning products are being used and the proper cleaning procedures are being followed to comply with current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) through proper cleaning procedures and residue removal.


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Annex 1 Regulation

Annex 1 offers guidance for the manufacture of Sterile Medicinal Products. Contec Cleanroom can help choose products that adhere to the Annex 1 regulation as well as provide guidance on building a comprehensive Contamination Control Strategy for your specific facility needs.

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